w a l l f l o w e r


Wallflower is a collaborative project between Leah Floyeurs and vocalist, writer and producer Alison Marks. They met on a dance floor and united over lifetimes immersed in music and a shared sense of the ridiculousness of life.

Wallflower explores the simplicity and depth of song composition, piano and voice, seeds for growth and interpretation. Moving effortlessly between songs and dance tracks, something magical happens, hidden as the true personality of a wallflower.



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Wallflower: Manifest Original

Wallflower: Manifest Lumina Remix

Wallflower: Dove Tails Edit

Wallflower: Say You Won’t Ever Original

Wallflower: Say You Won’t Ever (Deetron Remix) available here

Sound Dig Series Vol.3 Part 1. Introspective/Jay Mond/Sean Bird/Wallflower available here

Musky Lace Tea Party

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