A woman whose occupation is to spin participates in the whirling movement of creation.

She has chosen her Self, who defines her Self, by choice, neither in relation to children nor to men,

who is Self-identified, is a Spinster, a whirling dervish, spinning in a new time/space.’

(Mary Daly, The Metaethics of Radical Feminism, 1978)

When Susan Macdonald left Brisbane for the UK in April 1993, she was planning to continue her career as a journalist. A few months later she was playing piano five nights a week in a 4-star hotel and working at HMV records during the day. But it was one party that changed the course of her life – Lost at The Vox, New Year’s Eve, 1993. She threw her return ticket to Australia in the bin.

Within three years she had played gigs in Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Belgium and Australia, but ‘life got in the way’ and she ended up working for American insurance companies for the next 15 years. It was not until 2011 that she finally took the leap to quit her full-time job and return to the decks as Leah Floyeurs (an anagram of Heal Yourself).

Leah joined the internet television & radio station Timeline Music in May 2012, launching her two-hour show Leah with Sound. With more than 50 shows under her belt, she has since fast gained a reputation for blending effortlessly a wide range of genres in her vinyl sets, from hard techno and electro to more experimental electronica and deep house. She is resident at the renowned UK festival Freerotation, as well as London clubs 50arc and Pink Elaphant. She has played all around the UK and abroad. Also an accomplished pianist, Leah has worked with vocalist/producer/ DJ Alison Marks under the name Wallflower, with releases on Rebirth.

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